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BRAG BLOG 2018-2019

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Bantam B, Season Opener WIN!

Season Opening Game v.Moose Lake results in a big WIN 5-1 over the hosting Rebels.  Congratulations, boys!  Keep it going!!  11.17.18

CALENDAR and iPhone SYNC!!

There is a way to SYNC our website's calendar to your SMART phone!

The instructions are attached, below, which came from the website, but since they are lacking in one part that is important, I am adding to them here:

In step 2, it says to "select tags" as appropriate.  This is a very important step that is not described.


Go to the Calendar page (just tap "Calendar" from the home page and then tap "Calendar" again, no need to choose Practices/Games, as the pull down menu indicates). 

From there, in the bottom right corner of the calendar (you may need to scroll down), expand the TAG menu (it is small).

This will open as an attachment to the bottom of the calendar, you may need to scroll back over the the left to see the tags.

Select "Clear ALL TAGS". 

Then, select the tag for the team(s) you want to include in your personal schedule.  This allows you to not have all the teams show up, but only those items for the team(s) your player(s) plays on.  For combo teams with A and B teams, you can select both tags, then change it by deleting the calendar and going through this process later, once the specific team is known.

Give your phone a moment to refresh (it does this automatically once you select your tag(s)).

Then, click the "Subscribe to iCal" link at the bottom right of the calendar/tag screen.

In the middle of your phone is a pop-up window with a link that you need to copy, so you may need to zoom out, if you have zoomed in.

Once copied, go to a new browser window and paste the link into the new window.

Then hit "enter" or "go" to open that link.  Another pop-up will come up on your phone, saying "Open this page in "Calendar"?  And select "Open".

Then another pop-up comes up that says "Subscribe to the calendar "Mesabi East Youth Hockey Association Events"?  Click "Subscribe".

It may take a moment, but then you get a pop-up message saying the calendar has been added.  Click "View Events" on this message and it will bring you to your calendar.

When the calendar is updated on the website, the updates also appear on your phone.  (If you have your calendar set to manually refresh, you may need to go to the calendar and "pull down" to update).  But after this process is setup, everything is automatic for the rest of the season.

Feel free to ask if you have questions:


***Open Positions***

MEYHA Open Positions


(This person will work with current scheduler for the 2018-2019 season, and take over for the 2019-2020 season)

***Website Manager

Welcome Jen Hull to the Board!

***Volunteer Coordinator

Welcome Chris Peterson to the Board!


Welcome Andrea Conklin to this additional Board position, she'll be the new scheduler starting in 19-20!


1.  Board Meeting

When: TBD

Where: Hoyt Lakes Arena, Hockey Education Center

City of Hoyt Lakes Arena Schedule

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Mesabi East Youth Hockey Association

The Mesabi East Youth Hockey Association (MEYHA) takes pride in the opportunity to provide our area youth with the ability to participate in Minnesota's most historical sport. Here, players learn the fundamentals of hockey as well as the life long lessons of teamwork, good sportsmanship, respect for authority and self-discipline, all while staying physically fit. Parents and players enjoy the quality time spent with their families and the life long friendships that are formed.

Mesabi East Youth Hockey would like to invite you to join our team!

Players, Spectators, Sponsors, Volunteers and equipment are always welcomed.