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***Open Positions***

MEYHA Open Positions for 2018-2019 (exceptions noted)

1. Registrar (Board Appointed)

(This upcoming hockey season this individual can 'shadow' the current Registrar, learning the ins and outs of the position so come next season they will be familiar will everything!  (For anyone interested in knowing more about this position please message Becca Levander on Facebook or you can call her at 780-7365.)

Collection/Organization of all player/coach registration information.

Submitting each player/coach information to Minnesota Hockey- creating team information.

Keep in contact with Ace Coordinator regarding Coaches certifications.

Make changes/updates to team rosters as needed.


2. Organize 4x4 (Board Appointed, Volunteer Hours available for this important MEYHA fundraiser position)

Update forms.

Work with Website Manager to post forms and market, etc... this fundraiser.

Contact all area associations and market (multiple times, as needed).

Take phone calls and forms to process registrations.

Track payments.

Work with the Treasurer to ensure collection for all registrations.

Schedule times and divide initial teams with the On-Ice Coordinator.

Email schedule to all participants and follow-ups (as needed).

Communicate with Hockey Hut manager for times.

Communicate with Volunteer Coordinator for DIBS/workers for Hockey Hut shifts.

Attend each week to check players in, take additional registrations not sent in by deadline, collect payments, cover Hockey Hut shifts, as needed.

Suggest “awards” or “prize” for each participant/something fun for the players, organize, order, and distribute.


3. Website Manager (Board Appointed)

Proficient in using Microsoft excel, or the willingness and ability to learn spreadsheets.

Flexibility and availability to make changes (sometimes daily) as needed to practice, game, or overall arena schedules.

Maintain and update all the pages (except DIBS, assist as needed).

Update the home page with upcoming events.

Update the calendar (sometimes daily) with changes, appropriately marked.

Flexibility and communication skills to work with team managers (hopefully these can be added this season) to manage their own team pages.

Update each team site to start the season.

Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to run the DIBS portion of the website.


4. Volunteer Coordinator (Board Appointed)

Proficient in using Microsoft Excel, or the willingness and ability to learn spreadsheets.

Work closely with the Scheduler, Website Manager, and Hockey Hut Manager to ensure DIBS is updated and accurate.

Help members track hours, change shifts, etc…

Verify to treasurer when members have reached their hours, shifts, etc...

Work with each Team Manager, Coach, or team rep(s) to come up with and enter hours for tournaments and hours earned during regular games at the HIPP.

Ensure staffing of the Hockey Hut, hiring as needed.

Ensure staffing of home games (possibly in conjunction with each Team Manager).


5. Hockey Hut Manager (Board Appointed)


Thank you, Angie Gnerer!!

Hold and carry the Hockey Hut licenses. (Note: This is not “Safe Serve” and must be a management license.)

Be present and responsible for the bi-annual inspections with county/state departments.

Be responsible for overseeing corrections identified during said inspections.

Apply and maintain facility license (different from manager license).

Maintain delivery of goods from approved venders only (per federal, state, and county laws and local requirements (City of Hoyt Lakes lease).

Work with the Volunteer Coordinator and help with staffing, find staffing, or hire staffing, as needed.

Maintain time cards for hired staff.

Work with the Treasurer to pay hired staff.

Work with Inventory Manager(s) to keep supplies stocked.

Analyze profitability of each item sold.

Set prices.

Add new items, as economically appropriate.

Delete items, as economically necessary.

Maintain appropriate amounts of inventory, reduce overage, maximum profits.

Work with the Board to decide on cut-off dates to let items run out at the end of the season, avoiding overages, maximizing profits.

Complete deep-cleaning and maintenance of all machines (weekly or bi-weekly, as needed).

Named on the Hockey Hut financial accounts, with Treasurer and others, as deemed essential.

Ensure cash register has enough change for games, tournaments, etc…, including basic start-up cash/change before each event.

Collect money and deposit on a regular basis.

Record gross amounts taken in per event.

Track profits.

Work with the Treasurer to balance accounts.


6. Scheduler (Board Appointed) 

(This person will work with current scheduler for the 2018-2019 season, and take over for the 2019-2020 season)

Schedule all day-to-day youth hockey events in coordination with local arena managers, coaches, and team managers.

Work closely with arena managers and coaches to schedule tournament ice time and draws (get the team list from the Tournament Coordinator).

Excellent communication skills (maintaining relations with local organizations, arena managers, and coaches is extremely important).

Work closely with Hippodrome arena manager and EGYHA coaches and team managers on combination teams scheduling.

Maintain an accurate record and master document, including all indicated changes as they occur.

Communicate with Arena Managers (weekly, sometimes daily).

Communicate with coaches (weekly, sometimes daily).

Communicate with Ref Coordinator (weekly, sometimes daily).

Communicate with Website Manager (weekly, sometimes daily).

Communicate with Volunteer Coordinator (weekly, sometimes daily).

Communicate with the MEYHA Board President, and other Board members, as needed for issues that arise.

Have good problem solving and organizational skills.

Hold a coaches meeting (this can be in combination with the Ace Coordinator’s meeting).

Understand and keep track of coaches personal schedules/requests (base on work schedules, etc..) to maximize ice time for all levels.


7. Equipment Manager (Board Appointed)


Thank you, Kristine Norberg!

Schedule equipment handout and turn-in, and communicate with Website Manager.

Request and order new equipment, as approved by the board.

Maintain accurate list of available equipment and expiration dates of equipment.

Maintain accurate rental list for each player/family.

Collect rental payments.

Work with Treasurer to deposit payments.

8. Tournament Coordinator (Board Appointed)
Submit MN Hockey registration form and check 30 days prior to tournaments.
Market & assist in filling our Home tournaments.
Submit tournament advertising (such as: Let’s Play Hockey).
Correspond with other associations to fill tournaments.
Assist coaches with away tournaments if needed.
Keep ongoing list of all teams registered and paid for Home tournaments.
Update Board on monthly basis of progress.
Point of contact for parent volunteers running the tournament.


1. Registration for the 2018-2019 Season!

When: Aug 29, 5:30-7:30pm **Early Bird

Where: Hoyt Lakes Arena

**This is the Early Bird Registration deadline.  All players with their forms completed and registration money paid will be eligible for the Early Bird drawing -- with a $100 prize!**

2. Ranger Hockey Camp

When: Aug 27-30, 8am-12pm

Where: Hoyt Lakes Arena

Who: 2003-2009 birth years

Cost: $125

PLEASE SEE REGISTRATION FORM (to the right), on our home page -->

2. Board Meeting

When: Tues, Aug 20th, 7pm

Where: Hoyt Lakes Arena, Hockey Education Center

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Mesabi East Youth Hockey Association

The Mesabi East Youth Hockey Association (MEYHA) takes pride in the opportunity to provide our area youth with the ability to participate in Minnesota's most historical sport. Here, players learn the fundamentals of hockey as well as the life long lessons of teamwork, good sportsmanship, respect for authority and self-discipline, all while staying physically fit. Parents and players enjoy the quality time spent with their families and the life long friendships that are formed.

Mesabi East Youth Hockey would like to invite you to join our team!

Players, Spectators, Sponsors, Volunteers and equipment are always welcomed.